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Discovering the Joys of Gaming Through the Eyes of a 5 year old


I’m a big fan of the GameCube controller and they truly are the best ones made for little hands. I basically got fed up of my joy-con drift issues and got these iPegas off Ali Express in Gamecube controller shape. I have not tried them out beyond keeping them attached to the main device. Part of getting into Nintendo is sharing my love gaming with my 5 year old son. The other consoles and...

Bakatron is sort of back


What started off as my art blog grew into my much neglected musings. Bakatron for the longest time was my art persona on which I posted my work online. It allowed me to grow and build my skills as a part of the larger art community. But as time went by, priorities changed and my desire to create art went down. What became basically a gateway for my career as a game developer was evolving into...