Bakatron is sort of back


What started off as my art blog grew into my much neglected musings. Bakatron for the longest time was my art persona on which I posted my work online. It allowed me to grow and build my skills as a part of the larger art community.

But as time went by, priorities changed and my desire to create art went down. What became basically a gateway for my career as a game developer was evolving into something else. In short, the lack of accreditation and the diversification of my skill-sets and understanding was putting me on a more interesting path which led incredible bursts of vertical growth.

I am still in the gaming industry – I’m very passionate about my company Optera Digital – which really has done amazing work in Transmedia. I’m surrounded by amazing founders and colleagues who inspire me everyday to discover new parts of myself – in my mind I am still an artist and a storyteller but most of which I leave to younger, more brilliant and energetic minds.

My other role as Chair for IGDA Pakistan still allows me to interact with game developers from all over the country – I love watching the industry grow and evolve. Far beyond the handfull of developers we once were when we started off in 2003/04. There’s nearly ten thousand of us. The number still astounds me!

And so is back. The pandemic is giving me a bit of extra time to muse about other ideas that I normally don’t have the space and time to address.

I’ll see you around ๐Ÿ™‚


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